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Startover my blog again :D

It has been over 10 years since my last time update my blog. Unfortuntely, my previous blog database crushed and not be able to bring it back again. However, it is also good to startover for everything so I can start new plan, new design, and new style for my blog, and wish people can learn something from here as well, may God bless me and people who support me, Amen.


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最美的礼物 - Most beatuiful gifts from Heaven

上帝我慈爱天父给了我两个世上最美好的礼物The God, my Father in heaven blessed me two great gifts一个就是我的救主,也是我生命的主耶稣基督One is my savior Jesus Christ, He is also the Lord of my life另一个就是我的慈爱的母亲Another is my mom, who loves me always感谢主赐我这美好的福分I gave thanks to my Lord, who bless me with the goodness and love from You谢谢主耶稣,也谢谢那疼爱我的母亲Thank you Jesus, and thank you too mom我爱你们 ^_^I love you ^_^

天父,我爱你 -- Father, I love you

天父,我爱祢Father, I love you感谢祢垂听我每一个祷告Thank you, listen my pray every time主啊,谢谢祢让我在众人前蒙恩My Lord, thank you for let me live in your grace祢施恩的手从未离开我Your merciful hands never away from me我因你的救恩而欢喜In your salvation I'm full of joy因你的慈爱而感动and your mercy and grace attracted me 祢使我早晨起来欢唱Every morning when I wake up, I singing and praise your name又在夜里使我安康And I enjoy the peace from you in every night天父,我赞美祢Father, bless your name因你慈爱信实,又满有恩典The Lord is faithful God, and full of grace我的阿爸父,我爱你 ^_^My Father, I love you ^_^